Monthly Wrap Up | October 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016

Another month has come and gone. This means that we're now closer to 2017 (and boy do we hope it's better than 2016) and I get some time to sit back and just enjoy not having the crushing weight of being an adult upon me fully just yet. I also read some books this month and posted some things. All in all, a good solid month.

November promises to be hectic, but hey, you only live once, right?

Books read

1. The Time in Between by Maria Duenas
2. Every Hidden Thing by Kenneth Oppen
3. The Vegetarian by Han Kang

4. Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
5, The Universe of Us by Lang Leav
6. Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales

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In the life

October was a tame month of homework, tons of Gilmore Girls, kdramas (Wang So is killing me, y'all) and just a bunch on non exciting stuff. Except for that quesadilla I had last week, that was pretty thrilling. There was other stuff like a rock concert and Sonic's at midnight (their boneless wings are to die for) and tons of heat. I'm willing to barter with anyone who offers to bring a bit of cold to Texas. Please e-mail me or leave a comment if interested. November, though, is going to be madness.

What about your month? Was it exciting?

The Harry Potter Tag

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hello, muggles. Welcome to my crib.

By crib I mean blog, and if the muggles wasn't any indication today we're going to get deep and personal, Harry Potter style. I'm just doing the Harry Potter Tag.

This tag was created by Danielle over at Underland to Wonderland. I, however, was tagged by the lovely Salha from The Journeys of a Girl. So on with the tag!

1. What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is The Goblet of Fire (aka the fourth and most fabulous of them all). The reason being that it's when things start getting super real super fast. Also,can any of us ever truly get over creepy Voldemort baby? I think not. Also, the book just keeps you on your toes the whole way through.


2. What is your favorite film?

Chamber of Secrets, all the way through. My best friend back in the day and I would get together to watch this movie exclusively. Also, what's not to love? There's a phoenix, creepy animals, a mystery and semi-murders. Creepy writing in the wall and all of the sass. I pretty much live for the dueling scene and Lockhart. Who could ever forget about Lockhart? See, there's so many memorable things I can't stop. Also, the boys have to figure out stuff without Hermione, and then she goes on and solve everything while being petrified. Oh, and how could I ever forget this gem:

3. What is your least favorite book?

Probably Half-Blood Prince. I don't know, I just wasn't feeling it all that much when I read it. I honestly wanted it to be over so I could move on to Deathly Hallows. I just wasn't really feeling it, and if I'm honest I felt pretty meh about the ending. 

Me too

4. What is your least favorite film?

Half-Blood Prince, but since I already mentioned it in the above question, I'll go with my second least favorite and that is The Order of the Phoenix, mostly because I don't remember a thing that happened and I have seen it at least twice, but also because Siruis dies and I'm not about that life.

5. Parts of the books/movies that made you cry

Everytime someone died in Deathly Hallows. However, I cried the hardest when Dobby cried because I'm fully convinced that if I were to be a Harry Potter character I'd be Dobby. Also, he has been my fave since Chamber of Secrets (see another good thing it brought into the world). So, yeah. Just all of the tears.

6. If you could hook up with any character, who would it be?

If I'm honest, a younger Sirius Black. However, if it had to be one of the youngsters, I guess Fred or George.

7. Who is your favorite character?

I'm sorry but I cannot answer this, The answer doesn't exist. Why would you even ask this, you monster?

8. Who is your least favorite charcater?

Aside from Umbridge (who is probably everyone's least favorite character) I've got to pick Snape. I'll probably get hate from this choice because everyone was suddenly a Snape lover after the whole "Always" fiasco, but I just can't stand the hypocrisy. Was he brave? Yeah. Does he deserve all the worship he gets? No. Because some good actions (for questionable motives at best) doesn't absolve him from being a terrible person. 

9. What is your least favorite line?

I don't know, dude. Like there's too many lines. Oh, no wait I know. "Always." I feel like cringing or slapping someone when I hear it. I'm just going to roll out of the room and hope no one mobs me.

10. What would your patronus be?

I did the Pottermore quiz thing and apparently my Patronus is a weasel, but I refuse to believe that. So, I'm assigning myself a new patronus and it's a wolf.

11. If you could have the Resurrection Stone, Invisibility Cloak or Elder Wand, which one would you chose?

The Invisibility Cloak. It's a life long dream of mine to possess that thing, so I didn't even have to think about it. Think of all the things you could do. Namely creeping out everyone.

12. Which house would you be in?

I'm a proud Ravenclaw. Pottermore confirmed it, but I already knew it. However, if I were not to be a Ravenclaw I would probably be a Slytherin. 

13. If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?

Maggie Smith, hands down. Other than that I'd love to meet everyone else. However, if I could only meet one person it would be Maggie Smith.

14. If you were in the Quidditch team, which position would you play?

I'd like to think of myself as above sports, when in reality I just suck. Terribly so, but if I had to chose, I would probably like to be Seeker. Although if that were the case my House would probably always lose. However, all of the other things I just cannot do. 

15. Were you happy with the ending?

Yes and no. 

I mean, I'm glad it had a happy ending, but I didn't like that so many had to die. Also, I just can't get on board with the whole "You were named after the bravest men I ever knew." That's just bull, but okay, whatever. I just, it was out of character, but nothing more will be said about it. I just... that part ruined it for me, honestly. Somewhere, James Potter is agreeing with me.

16. How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

A lot. It's one of those things that I grew up with and as such it has this deep link to my memories and my likes. It's as part of me as anything else I grew up with. It's just part of my past and my present and probably my future. It's just something that will be with me for a long long time. 

I tag anyone who would like to do this! 

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo | Review

Thursday, October 20, 2016
Title:  Crooked Kingdom
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Publisher: Henry Colt & Co.
Publication Date: September 27th, 2016
Source: Purchased
Buy the Book: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository
When you can’t beat the odds, change the game. Kaz Brekker and his crew have just pulled off a heist so daring even they didn’t think they’d survive. But instead of divvying up a fat reward, they’re right back to fighting for their lives. Double-crossed and badly weakened, the crew is low on resources, allies, and hope. As powerful forces from around the world descend on Ketterdam to root out the secrets of the dangerous drug known as jurda parem, old rivals and new enemies emerge to challenge Kaz’s cunning and test the team's fragile loyalties. A war will be waged on the city’s dark and twisting streets―a battle for revenge and redemption that will decide the fate of the Grisha world.

What I thought 

Now, it's no secret that Six of Crows was my favorite book of 2015. It was just everything I love in my books: dark, adventurous, just a bit angsty, and it had a cast of characters as complex as real people. All of which are, in my book, excellent qualities to have in a book. So, when it came to its sequel I was as pumped as a little kid for Christmas. I figured it would only be better, bigger and that more heisting would occur. All of which I was ready for. However, I didn't think Crooked Kingdom was as good as Six of Crows. It was pretty damn good, don't get me wrong I loved it, but I love Six of Crows more.

Scandalous, isn't it? I've been breaking my head trying to figure what is it that I liked about Six of Crows more than I liked about Crooked Kingdom. In all honesty, I can't say what it is. I just know that I couldn't put Six of Crows down and I could put Crooked Kingdom down. It was still a super good book but it lacked something. (If you too felt this way please let me know what it was because it's driving me crazy).

That being said, I want to talk about the parts I did love about this book, and believe me there were plenty. So, onward to the gushing and the fangirling!

I loved the character development. I loved how everyone our little band of six people faced their demons and came out better because of it. I love these characters and so, seeing them grow and expand and keep being their complicated little selves only a bit better, was extremely satisfying. I kid you not, I felt like a proud mom at the end of this book.

I loved the character dynamics as well. The relationships these people have with each other are fascinating, and if anything I wish there had been a little less planning involved and much more banter. I wished more conversations had happened in the book. I live for the witty banter and I missed some of it here. However, the way the Dregs look after each other and take care of each other (most of them reluctantly, because a healthy show of concern in the Barrel will get you killed and no one wants that) and are like a tight little odd family. 

And of course, Bardugo's writing didn't disappoint. Neither did the little cameos by some of my favorite Grisha trilogy characters. That is all I'm going to say about that, but it was great.

Some things were lacking in this book for me, like more Kaz chapters and more dialogue and I did feel the conflict extended a little too much so by the time the Big Showdown happened I was kind of weary. However, it was still great and awesome and a pretty damn good close to this little duology. 

Fabulous and Short Fictional Names I Would Give My Very Fictional Children | Top Ten Tuesday

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish, in which every Tuesday we list ten things (or more, or less) about that week's topic. This week's topic is fictional names you would give some very hypothetical things, like children (who are very real in some people's life but remain very very hypothetical in mine) or cars and dogs and all those things people name after other things, like cookies.

1. Terra

Terra is pretty much my name of choice for a girl. It is, I don't care that my parents and Spanish speaking friends mock me for it and ask me if I really want to subject my child to being named earth. Or being teased if she were to go to a Spanish speaking school, where bad jokes of "tierra" would folllow. I. Don't, Care. I love the name Terra so much, and I love the fictional lady Terra Cooper that inspired my love for the name even more.

2. Wes

I've had a thing for this name since I read The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. It's short and to the point and it just rolls off the tongue quite nicely. It also reminds me of Wes, so that's great. He was a great guy and if my hypothetical son is so be as great and considerate as Wes is, so be it.
my Wes is the kind of kid that kisses his mom's forehead, okay?

3. Kai

I love tons of Kais. Well, two, but I would like to fancy myself in love with more than that, okay? One of them is the nation's hottest emperor: Kai from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. His name is technically Kaito, but no one calls him that, so we are going to ignore it. I love this name it's sweet and nice and short. Also, all the Kais I know are extremely charming and have got that smile.

4. Rafe

This name is short and powerful. Two of my fave Rafes are Rafe from The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson and Raffe (the second f is optional in my most humble opinion) from Angelfall by Susan Ee. In all honesty, it's the name of a warrior. A sexy warrior, and if my future son has to be anything other than smart and respectful, it's sexy. I'm, after all, his mom. Also, I kind of want bragging rights over my friends because of my handsome son. 

5. Cress

This in honor of one of my favorite fictional ladies, Cress from The Lunar Chronicles. She's small and adorable and super badass. Also the name is just super cute and short. However, I come from a Spanish speaking family and I can already hear the jokes. I'm still doing it, so my family can fight me. 

6. Alex

I've always liked the short form of Alejandro, Alex. Also, it can be used for both girls and boys, so there's that. Plus, the no teasing factor from my Spanish speaking side of the family. A win all around. One of my favorite fictional Alexes is Alex from Delirium.

7. Theo

I looked everywhere for a fictional Theo or a Theodore (which I found in Jennifer Niven's All The Bright Places), just so I could include this name in the list. Theo is one of my favorite baby names, also just Theo. No Theodore nonsense. Theodore sounds like a middle aged man, or a really pretentious teenager. Although I suppose for there to be a middle aged Theodore there must be a teenager Theodore. Getting off track here. My point here being that if I were to have a baby boy I would probably name him Theo. 

8. Luna

I have an obsession with this name, and of course my favorite Ravenclaw Luna Lovegood is as perfect of a namesake as you can get. I just love it. I also happen to love the moon, so it's love all around. Also you can shorten it to Lu and if that isn't a super cute nickname I don't know what is.
maybe sungyeol is cuter than the nickname Lu, he at least gets damn close. just look at this dumb being cute. ugh

9. Nina

I'm currently reading Crooked Kingdom and I'm falling more and more in love with the name Nina. It's so feminine, but also has a ring of bad ass to it. Also, Nina is bae.

10. Lia

I know Lia is more along the lines of a nickname than an actual name, but I quite like the name. It's short, it's sweet. The way it rolls of the tongue is nice. Also, it's a princess name. Don't ask me why, it just is. Maybe I'm associating it with Lia from The Remnant Chronicles, or maybe my husband to be is a prince and our daughter will have an incredibly princess-y name.

Every Hidden Thing by Kenneth Oppel | Review

Thursday, October 13, 2016
Title:  Every Hidden Thing
Author: Kenneth Oppel
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: October 11th, 2016
Source: NetGalley
Buy the Book: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository
Somewhere in the Badlands, embedded deep in centuries-buried rock and sand, lies the skeleton of a massive dinosaur, larger than anything the late nineteenth-century world has ever seen. Some legends call it the Black Beauty, with its bones as black as ebony, but to seventeen-year-old Samuel Bolt, it’s the “rex,” the king dinosaur that could put him and his struggling, temperamental archaeologist father in the history books (and conveniently make his father forget he’s been kicked out of school), if they can just quarry it out. But Samuel and his father aren’t the only ones after the rex. For Rachel Cartland this find could be her ticket to a different life, one where her loves of science and adventure aren’t just relegated to books and sitting rooms. And if she can’t prove herself on this expedition with her professor father, the only adventures she may have to look forward to are marriage or spinsterhood. As their paths cross and the rivalry between their fathers becomes more intense, Samuel and Rachel are pushed closer together. Their flourishing romance is one that will never be allowed. And with both eyeing the same prize, it’s a romance that seems destined for failure. As their attraction deepens, danger looms on the other side of the hills, causing everyone’s secrets to come to light and forcing Samuel and Rachel to make a decision. Can they join forces to find their quarry, and with it a new life together, or will old enmities and prejudices keep them from both the rex and each other?

What I thought

Here's a little secret about yours truly: as a kid I wanted to be a paleontologist. I blame this largely on my parents taking me to a museum at the tender and impressionable age of six and setting me loose to ask as much as I pleased. So, of course when I read the blurb for this book and it was all about paleontology and romance I wanted to be in on it. I wish that by the end my feelings were the same.

The book opens up with Sam's and Rachel's dads fighting, and then proceeds to make it clear that Sam is not irrevocably in love with Rachel. Insta-love is a no no for me, folks. A big no no, actually. So, that alone had me putting my guard up as I ventured into the book.

To this a journey into the Wild West followed, and our leads were reunited. Oh, joyous occasion! Of course, their respective fathers got them spying on each other and then proceeded to quarrel.Their father's rivalry isn't any better than two children fighting over candy, or a toy. It's silly and preposterous and it greatly took away from my potential enjoyment of the book.

I'm not going to lie, by this point I was mostly skimming the book. It seemed that despite the promise of dinosaurs and romance and whatnot, I just couldn't get invested in the characters or the story.
Oddly enough, one of the things I could relate to most was Samuel's fear of being bled to death by mosquitoes. I thought this very same thing when I was in the fourth grade. I would bundle under my covers even in the scorching desert heat to avoid this morbid fate. I just couldn't connect to Rachel or Sam, or their love story. I wasn't invested in this book, not its characters and not its premise.

I finished the book and I found that my enjoyment hadn't increased, if anything I grew weary. This book wasn't for me, it had insta-love, two leads I, personally, couldn't connect to and a premise that seemed promising, but failed to deliver. However, there were some passages of writing I did like, just on the value of writing itself. All in all, not a great read for me.

Monthly Wrap Up | September 2016

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Where is time going to? I swear the clock was striking midnight and I was toasting for a year full of romance (there has been none of that in my life so far, but hey, it's whatever) in front of my whole family. However, now it's September going on October and I would seriously like to know how time is going by this fast. However, on to the wrap up.

Books read

1. The Movie Version by Emma Wunsch
2. Thrive by Krista & Becca Ritchie
3. The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen
4. Mosquitoland by David Arnold

On the blog



In the life

September was a month that was kind of productive, but also kind of not. It was my best friend's birthday month, and as such an almost week long celebration took place. It was very fun, but it also didn't allow much time for reading. School was okay. Nothing too crazy, so that was a huge relief. All in all, the life was pretty good. A lot of kdramas were watched, a lot of dancing was danced and just enough reading was done. All in all, pretty satisfying.

Video Wrap Up

What about your month?