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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I know what you're thinking: Laura can you make up your mind and decide if you like stabbings or romance more? The answer to that is, why can't we have both? If you read my past Top Ten Tuesday you read all about how I wished some books had more head rolling an less romance. Well, today in honor of the chocolate holiday* we're going to talk all about my favorite bookish romances.

*what to you mean that is not what today is? 

1. Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean

These two are so disgustingly cute I feel like vomiting or hurling myself on to oncoming traffic or grabbing the first stranger I see and kissing him. My head is a mess, okay? Not only is Peter a sweetheart to Lara's family but he has that trademark smile. I'm a sucker for trademark smiles. In return, Lara Jean bakes him cookies and CAN YOU SAY RELATIONSHIP GOALS?

# same

2. Rhys and Feyre

I'm trash. This is a known fact, but I'm not just any kind of trash. I'm Rhys trash and honestly how could you ever not? Dude's big on respect and he treats his lady as an equal* and he is over all super heart eyes emoji over Feyre. Which is to be honest what I crave. I just want to rule the world with someone, even us evil queens get lonely sometimes. Also that wingspan tho**.

*which you would expect would be the standard everywhere but hence, this is not the case and it's really getting super ridiculous

3. Fire and Brigan

The again a couple based on mutual respect and adoration. Also, they are married and happy into the future and as a Cancer that is pretty much all I ask of a relationship right there*. Also, I just love relationships when at first people didn't really like each other but grew to love and admire and respect each other. I feel like the underlying tension of not liking them at first remains and makes for great storytelling.

*we Cancers know no chill when it comes to love

4. Jacob Fremont and Terra Cooper

As a young girl of fourteen I thought that these two were the best couple ever. Again, they're based on mutual repsect and pushing themselves to be the very best version they can be. Along with teasing and exchanged secret smiles and a fervor that would make the sun jealous. There's also the matter of them knowing each other's dreams and all that good stuff. Like can I please have this?

5. Owen Armstrong and Annabel Greene

Again one of those relationships that were so slowburn I wanted to set myself on fire. I cannot express to you how much I've always (and always will) loved Annabel and Owen. They're supportive of each other and they're both flawed but embrace those flaws and love each other because of them. They're all about listening and they have a radio program and they're opposites but they work so perfectly. Also, I'm a sucker for anyone who even reminds me of Patrick Verona.

What do you mean this isn't actually Owen?

6. Lola and Cricket

I love Cricket Bell and he deserves the world. This cutie patootie is just so pure and innocent, but at the same time he can get it. I'm still recovering from that kiss. Like, damn boy. Also he's tol and Lola is smol and I appreciate those aesthetics to no end. So I want to get me one Mr. Cricket Bell.

7. Cress and Thorne

Have I mentioned how trash I am for a good smile? You know the kind, just a bit mischievous while at the same time kind of boyish but incredibly sexy? Well, that's Captain Thorne for you. He and Cress are so adorable and they both admire each other so much* and want to be a better person for the other person. It's like wow, can you please not do that in front of me? SO RUDE, GUYS! Us single folk are just trying to survive today without you rubbing your cute all over the place. Still, they're golden and so very #goals.

*woop there I go again with the admiration. I just want someone to admire me, okay

8. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase

I don't have to speak about respect and admiration and occasionally calling the other person idiot, do I? Because I feel like that's all I've been doing this whole post. But, yes, the same applies to these two. Also, they're just too cute for words.

Actual footage of Percy Jackson when Annabeth tells him idiot (he's Bok Joo in this scenario)

9. Willem and Allyson

Willem and Allyson were together but for one night, but it was a magical night. I've always wanted to have something like that myself. Besides that, they just seemed to belong together and I was rooting for them so hard. The fact that they kept missing each other was so thrilling and sad, but I just wanted them to work out. You know that feeling when two people seem to belong together? They had it and now I want it.

10. Nikolai and Me

Before you get all high and mighty with me and say, "Laura, you aren't part of the Grisha trilogy and Nikolai is mine," I want you to stop and check yourself because Nikolai is clearly mine and we are, clearly, as fictional as the other couples. So, let me have this small thing, OKAY??  We would be perfect for each other. I mean, I'm crazy, but have my feet on the ground and I respond well to responsibility. He makes jokes and is just overall a great person. Together we could rule Ravka and have beautiful children. This is not up for discussion. End of story.

actual footage of our wedding

What are some of the fictional couples that make you want to set yourself on fire/scream into the void/squeal with joy/all of the above?

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