2017 Bookish Resolutions!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Come forth my children and hear about my plans for this year. 

In case you are too lazy to watch the video or just prefer reading let me tell you about how I plan to take over the world my reading resolutions for this 2017.

1. No pressure, at all

2016 was a good reading year, and yet I was stressed out about reading ALL THE TIME! I was stressed about my Goodreads challenge and about not feeling like reading and being in a slump. I worried so much, I think I ended up just feeling like reading was a chore. So this 2017 I'm going to put no pressure on myself at all. Goodbye, stress

2. My Goodreads challenge has been set to 60

For some people this is a minuscule number, for me it's a good in-between number. It provides a challenge but also gives me time to plot world domination. It also gives me time to watch all of those things I want to watch and do and whatnot. So, 60 it is.

3. Bring forth the diverse books

I don't think I did a good job of reading diversely in 2016, because I wasn't doing anything conscious about it. I didn't go out and look for diverse books, I simply read what I saw fit. However, I want to make a conscious effort this year because diversity is important to me. Both in the bigger picture and in a personal way. I'm after all a Mexican girl living in the US on the eve of Trump's presidency. It's all sorts of scary, I tell you. So, this year I'm going to support diverse books and authors.

4. Step out into the wild and read more genres

YA is my biggest love. It will always by my biggest love, but I think it's time I went and explored the wild some. I'm interested to read more genres this year. To read things that scare me or that I think aren't for me. I want to get more into non-fiction, specifically history. You've got to learn about world domination from someone that's done it before. Is it scary? Yes. Am I excited? Yes.

5. Leer mas en español

You guys might not know this about me, but I speak Spanish. I plan to make a living of this bilingual thing I've got going on and as such I must not allow my Spanish to rust away in the confines of my mind. I read in English, a lot, but I don't read even half as much in Spanish. Which should be a crime in my line of work. So, this year I want to at least read 7 books in Spanish.

6. I want to write a novel

A full fledged novel. What about? I have no idea. Why? Becuase why the hell not.

Bring it on 2017!

What are some of your bookish resolutions for this 2017?

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