All You Will Ever Need to Know About Me | Top Ten Tuesday

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish, in which every Tuesday we list ten things (or more, or less) about that week's topic. This week's topic is Ten Facts about the gloriousness that is me. So on to the slightly egotistical post!

1. I like going to Barnes & Noble and just sit there

That is my literal face after entering the magic sanctuary of books. Then I will proceed to find the nearest available couch and sit there and stare at books. Why? Because there's nothing in this world that is as beautiful as books, except maybe me. Oh, who am I kidding? I've got nothing on books.

2. I have no control of my body when reading

I will read in public and you bet that if something cute happens I will smile and maybe even squeal. If I'm angry I will make a fuss. I will react with my whole body because the emotions can be too much. Also, how else will a guy fall for my slightly awkward charm? 

3. I write most blogposts at school

What can I say? My apartment is just too distracting and I don't actually write in class. Just at the library or the student union or some other place that isn't actually my house. Do you know how hard the siren song of k-dramas and Netflix is to resist?

4. I keep a review journal

This is a fairly new practice for me, but I've found that it helps me review better. I'll be reading a book and if something annoys me I just write it down. Also if I really like something. Just whatever strikes my fancy about the book will go in there. 

5. I have a slight obsession with We Got Married

That might as well be my face when I watch it. For all of you who are unfortunate enough to not know what We Got Married is, it's a South Korean variety show in which celebrities pretend to be married and it's the high light of my week. Is that kind of sad? Sure. Do I care? Not really. Why? Because this show is awesome and indulging and a guilty pleasure of the highest kind.

6. I've been having a slumpy reading year

I've got to say this time last year I had read way more books. I just... have been busy doing other stuff. Like trying to write and getting drunk and 20 year old stuff like having an existential crisis every other week. All in all, I'm learning to not mind not reading as much as I'd like and remind myself that it's okay. It's all good and I'm still boss.

7. I compulsively start novels and never finish them

The last time I finished a novel I was still in high school. That was like four years ago. I've started plenty since but I haven't finished a single one. I'm sure there's a deep psychological reason for that but I just can't bring myself to write that last period.

8. I hate being interrupted while I read, yet I love to read in public places

Believe me, I don't. But I do. The bus, my living room, outside, the student union, these are some of my favorite reading places. Maybe it's because everyone else is going around me busy and I'm living in my own little world, or maybe I'm just a walking paradox and good luck to anyone trying to make sense of it.

9. I don't have any recollection of watching the 5th Harry Potter movie

I know I've watched it. I know I've watched it at least twice. I know this, yet I can't remember a single thing that happens in it. It's like someone cast a spell on me to forget what happened in the movie forever and ever. I swear, it's super bizarre to me because I will be having a conversation about this movie and of course I've watched. Can I tell you what my favorite part was? Well, no, because I don't remember a thing. I might be due for a re-watch. See if something sticks this time around. (Also can you imagine the irony if I had used a gif from the fifth movie for this one.)

10. I wear combat boots year round

My mom hates it. My best friend doesn't like it that much either. I just love my combat boots and even in the scorching Texas heat I will wear them because they're my fashion staple. They're me and I am them and I love them to pieces and I will never stop. If I were a book character, the writer would have to describe my boots and it'd be my thing. So yes, I'm not moving on to sandals any time soon.


  1. I love to read in public, and I have the same problem of being interrupted by everyone...
    Omg I get the doing your blogposts at any place other than at home! I do the same thing unless I'm at home for the holidays.

  2. Yes, I just really like the feeling of being in your own world with others, but the interruptions are certainly a big problem. Almost nothing gets done at home, it's a proven fact of science.