5 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Journal

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Journaling is a love of mine. My journal and I we're in a deeply committed relationship in which something happens to me and I immediately tell it all about it. No one can boast that much knowledge of the intricacies of my very complicated and always contradictory mind.

As such, I'm an advocate for journaling. Besides, have you seen all the pretty journaling videos over on YouTube? Just bless. Not that you need all the pretty crafty things to journal. You just need yourself and an outlet, and you're all set for your journaling journey.

Why bother?, you ask, as you think back to all those unfinished diaries you held back in middle school with those good for nothing locks or overly complicated voice activated ones that were hella expensive and straight out of a TV commercial. Well, let me tell you.

1. You get to look back on all the beautiful and embarrassing things

Years down the road you're definitely going to want to remember that one time you spazzed out in a Subway because of a cute guy. While your friends watched on as one watches a freak accident: with morbid fascination and powerless to stop it. Trust me on this. All kidding aside, a journal is a portal into time. You will record all these things and get to look back on them one you're older and maybe shake your head or smile, but point is, they're going to be there to look back to.

2. There's something out there for you

You might be thinking journaling isn't for you because pouring your thoughts and feelings out to some piece of paper just isn't your cup of tea. Well, think again. People keep all sorts of journals. Some are the feelings kind of journals, but others aren't. There's a journaling format out there for you. Find it and journal on!

3. You become more aware of everything

I've found that I'm more aware of my feelings and others and just of everything. If something funny or weird or whatever happens I'm already thinking of penciling into my journal. You think you will have nothing to write about, but once you start doing it you find that there's more material than you thought.

4. It's quite cathartic

I like to think of my journal as my very own vomit bucket. Feeling vomit bucket. Not an actual vomit bucket, that would be gross. However, in your journal you get to write whatever you want. Whatever. You. Want. Do I have you sold, yet? I mean, it's a great way to say things you can't say in real life and to vent and cry and laugh. Also you may or may not have a hit list in there. Only you know.

5. The notebooks!

I don't know about you, but I've always loved notebooks. Stationary, really. Office Depot, Hobby Lobby, Michael's and various stationary stores are second only to bookstore in my store heart. This is perhaps the shallowest reason for starting a journal, but also an important one because the possibilities are endless. Don't even get me started on the pens! My faves are GellyRoll in case you were wondering. Also, who doesn't love buying or decorating notebooks? Now, go buy one and start journaling.

Just be careful and don't go picking up strange notebooks that reply back. God knows you don't want to be possessed by Lord Voldermort. Possession aside, do you journal? And if not, have I convinced you to start?

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