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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish, in which every Tuesday we list ten things (or more, or less) about that week's topic. This week's topic is Ten Reasons I Love X, and what better topic than the magnificent Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses Series y Sarah J. Maas..

I love Rhysand so much. I have talked about him in numerous videos and my video review of A Court of Mist and Fury is pretty much an ode to his perfection. I still think someone should get to actually writing an ode to his perfection, but then again that might get to his head and Cauldron help us. So, why, you ask? Well, let me tell you all about it.

1. His looks

Rhysand is more than his looks, but it helps his case that he is so good looking. I mean, that dark hair and the violet eyes and that impressive wingspan? It's like he's asking to be loved. I mean just look at fan art of the guy!

Fan art by: taratjah

2. His sense of humor

I love a guy who can laugh, and even poke some fun at himself. You throw in a bit of sarcasm and wit and some innuendos and I'm good to go. Rhys has all that and more.

3. How caring he is.

He cares deeply. Granted, he has funny ways of showing it, but he would do anything for those closest to him. He just loves people deeply and he cares for them. It's like, I don't even know how to describe it, because you just know he's the type of man who would go to hell for his loved ones but at the same time he respects their wishes. I don't know. 

4. Respect

Do you know how hard it is to find a YA guy character that actually respects other's choices and doesn't try to override them every step of the way for the sake of "knowing what's best"? Do you know the struggle? Well, Rhys flies in with his glorious wings and he respects everyone's choices. He disagrees with them, yes. but he never tries to force his worldview on anyone. He lives and lets live. He accepts Feyre and her decisions and he would never push her into anything. Do you know how hot that is? It's like, YAAAAAS. 

5. How he isn't impulsive

I feel like impulsiveness and brashness are traits shared by YA protagonists everywhere. After all, without some bad decisions how would the plot ever move forward, right? Well, ladies and gentleman our Rhysand isn't like that. All the time. He has his moments of weakness. However, they are few and far in between. He thinks through and he doesn't jump at the chance to take the bait he's clearly meant to take. Oh, and he's willing to let things run their course and not impose his will on everyone because he's really a manchild in disguise. Nope. Rhys doesn't bash in, head first like some bull and I love him for it. It's like I just want to blow kisses his way for being this way.

6. Chapter 55

If you've read A Court of Mist and Fury you know what I'm talking about. No more will be said on the topic.

7. He is willing to do what has to be done

Rhys is a person that puts others before himself. He knows what has to be done to protect others and he does it. He doesn't let his feelings get in the way of what's right, or what he thinks is right. As such he is often misunderstood, but he takes it all in stride for the greater good. That's a quality not a lot of people (especially male characters of the fantastical kind) have. 

8. His texting is on point

They don't have phones in the ACoTAR world, but they have magic disappearing paper and his skills are on point. Sure, he does pull the classic not replying crap, but when he does reply it's worth it. He's just witty and kind of sexy in his texts. And let's get real, when Feyre didn't reply he probably threw the paper across the room and pouted about it.

9. He is going to be a great father

Nothing ever makes me fangirl more than when I think about fictional boys being parents. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I mean you can just tell he'll be the kind of Dad that dotes on their child and that plays with him or her all the time. He is the kind that will take their tiny little bundle of joy into the sky and show him the view. Also can you imagine him just standing over a crib, a silly smile on his face? Or watching Feyre and their child from a distance and smiling softly? I can and it's tearing me apart. 

10. He is flawed

Rhysand isn't perfect, although he gets pretty damn close, and I love him all the more for it. I think it's important to know that no one is perfect and to not expect people to be. Rhys knows both of these things and that makes him even more charming and worthy of love. I see him there being almost perfect and I go all heart eyes over him.

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