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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish, in which every Tuesday we list ten things (or more, or less) about that week's topic. This week's topic is a blast from the past, meaning you go back and look at previous Top Ten Tuesday topics and chose one. For this one I'm taking it way back to 2010 and telling you all about my fictional clique.

1. The Dregs

This ragtag band of thieves and me would hit it off, I'm sure of it. When I read Six of Crows last year I couldn't even imagine how much I would grow to love all of the Dregs. All. Of. Them. They're my babies and I will fight for them.

2. Clark Bruce McCallister

Have you met Clark McCallister from The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson? If not, let me tell you that he is a cinnamon roll and a huge dork and he is worthy of my friendship. Also, I just realized he is literally named after both Superman and Batman. Super dorky, this one.

3. Iko

Iko from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer is fashionable, funny, and loyal to a fault. Also she's super smart, comes with being an android and all, and she is just a gem. Totally worthy to form part of my clique. 

4. Terra Cooper

Terra, from North of Beautiful, is my homegirl and I will protect her with my life. Also, she's super cool and beautiful and lovely. Also, flawed, but that's okay because everyone is. We can be best friends and have deep conversations about the world and also cute boys because it's totally okay to do both.

5. Brigan

Brigan is my favorite Graceling Realms man, although I love Po so much I could die and Saf can go die somewhere far far away from me. He is kind and caring and so loving and just a really stand up human being. He also has armies he can command at my bequest. So, there's that.

6. Rhysand

Rhysand from the ACoTAR series by Sarah J. Maas is my babe. I've even written another Top Ten Tuesday exclusively on his person. I gush about him every chance I get because he's great. Not only can he be the eye candy to our group but he can be the dude that instills the ever living fear of god into our enemies. Also he can be our Dad because of how caring he is.

7. Quintana of Charryn

Have you ever heard of my homegirl Quintana? If you haven't, you need to go get yourself The Lumatere Chronicles and then proceed on to read every single Melina Marchetta book out there. Back to Quintana, though, she is in this wonderful list because of how fiercely royal she is. Also, she's kinda crazy but I love that about her. Also, she's brutally honest and determined and she's just great all around. 

8. Ryan Dean West

Winger is one of my all time fave books because of how funny it is. Ryan is straight up one of the funniest guys in YA out there and that alone makes him worth it of being in this glorious list of awesomeness. He can bring up group morale with a joke, or just straight up destroy it with a witty remark. Either way, he's great fun to have around.

9. Isabelle Lightwood

I love Isabelle. There's plenty other reasons for her being in this list like her sense of humor, her fashion sense, her loyalty, complexity and just her being, really. She has got to be a part of any squad I ever form. It is known.

10. Fire

In her self-titled biography, Fire is one kick-ass lady monster. Who is also kind and beautiful and good with a bow and an arrow. Also, she can provide musical entretainment and just her general goodness. She is the best of us all, truly and honestly. Everyone else in this (except maybe Terra) list is kind of a jerk, because that's how I roll, but Fire is truly the moral compass of our group.

These are my fictional besties, and they're all great and together we are going to rule the world. MUAHAHAHA!

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