Monthly Wrap Up | May 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017

Hello, muchachos. So, another month has come and gone by and the future looks ever so bleak. Fortunately we have books, so it's not all bad! I know I've been absent for a while and only recently got back to posting semi-regularly. However, because I did post (CAN YOU SAY MAJOR WIN!!!) this month, I figured I'd fill you in as on to what I've been up to!

Books read



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On the blog

I posted little this month, but at least I posted something. So, here we go:



In the life

I had finals this May. It was all terrible and dreary and I didn't study as much as I should've. It all turned out okay, though. Last time I did one of these I was all excited about a job, well, I still haven't started. Oh, well...

I'm on break for another week while I start summer. I'm taking a film class and a border studies class. I live in the border so this seems relevant. I don't know, I just had to take something. So... that's coming in June. 

Other than visiting my parents I haven't done anything terribly exciting. I've been loving Fight for My Way or Fight My Way or Third Rate My Way (WHY DO KDRAMAS HAVE LIKE TEN TITLES IN ENGLISH????) and Suspicious Partner*, as well as Father is Strange. I also loved Sense8 and I'm super pissed they cancelled it. I shall get my revenge, Netflix. I swear it!

both the reason I'm so obsessed over Suspicious Partner and my feelings towards Netflix right now

That is all on my end! How was your month? Did you fight any dragons or face any evil TV companies for cancelling your favorite series?

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