Gift Giving 101: The Right Answer is Always Books | Top Ten Tuesday

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hello, friends and casual readers who stumbled upon this blog by mere coincidence, but will now stay because we've got the goodies (aka books).  Today we are going to talk about gift giving. Christmas is coming up on us all very fast and with it comes the stress of what to get the booklover in your life. Books? Well, duh. But, Laura, you say, they've read practically everything! What am I supposed to get them? I'm going to tell you and you are going to listen. Let's go.

1. Gift cards

This is not a book, I know. I hear you, I do. However, a gift card saves you the hassle of having to figure out what your book lover has or hasn't read. God knows I love getting that Barnes & Noble's gift card from my godmother every Christmas. She knows what's up. So, be generous my kind gift givers and pay it forward with a gift card if you're unsure on what to get them. You can't go wrong here, believe me. 

2. Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin

I mean, dude bro, alternate history is pretty much what I wish my reality was now. By that I mean I wish I lived in a world where Trump wasn't President-elect. So, this book is perfect to illustrate the dangers of history going wrong (pretty much all of 2016). However, it has the advantage of being fictional and compelling. The characters are all A+ and the concept is also very stellar. If your book lover has already read it you can always gift them the sequel Blood by Blood. I haven't read it so can't attest to how good it is.

3. A Rick Riordan Book

If you ask me, you can't go wrong with Rick Riordan. His books are funny and entretaing and they are based on mythology from around the world. He also has chapter titles, and let me tell you they are life. What more can you ask of a book? If you are still not sold, there's epic adventures and some romance sprinkled in there too. Don't forget the chapter titles.

4. Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

This book is bae. People don't talk about it enough, so chances are your book lover doesn't own it yet or perhaps they haven't read it yet. In which case you need to scream at them to correct this fact. Tell them I told you so and I am a trust authority in all things book related. They, too, can thank me later. All kidding aside, this book is perfect for the magical realism lover in your life.

5. The Time in Between by Maria Dueñas

This is an Adult book (also support translators woohoo, or read it in Spanish if you can) but it's an excellent Adult book. It's about a woman living through WWI and WWII. It's easy to get through, despite it's heftiness. Just an excellent book all around. 

6. Abhorsen Series by Garth Nix

I feel that because this series came out a while ago (21 years to be precise) it has sort of faded in the minds of everyone. I mean, I was barely a baby when the series come out so the fact that I know about the series at all is quite remarkable. They are great fantasy, and they have kick ass characters and plots. They have magic and a species of zombies. It sounds weird, but it's awesome. Recently they went through a cover change in an effort to revive them (ha) and they are a beautiful addition to any shelf.

7. Anything by Melina Marchetta

 I feel like Melina Marchetta is oftentimes overlooked. Her Lumatere Chronicles is a work of art, a fantasy series to devour and pour all your love into. Her contemporary novels are just as fabulous and talk about love (of all kinds), fitting in, family, and living in a world that might not be the kindest. They are great. I'm convinced she can do all. Your book lover would be lucky to have you introduce him/her to the wonder that is Melina Marchetta. In all honesty, they would owe you forever for this.

8. Graceling Trilogy by Kristin Cashore

I love the series more than I can possible say. It has representation, it has excellent villians, characters, and just world building in general. It also has adorable romances that are so slow burn they should be called baño maria because before you know it bam, your heart has melted and you ship people so much. Also, the protagonists are ladies. Awesome, complicated and infinitely complex ladies that have good and valuable relationships with other women. I mean, what more can you ask for?

9. Like Water from Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

This book was the biggest surprise of my year. I went in expecting not to like it at all, and walked out loving it. It's magical realism and it's Mexican. In my book, those two things make it awesome enough. However, if you need more to convince you well... there's cooking and you so get hungry and craving some of that mole and enchiladas and cake. It's just wow, the food. It's the story of a family and it has romance in it. Anna from Anna and the French Kiss read it in her fancy school. It's the book about a woman having sex with a man in a horse. Yes, it's an Adult book. Great Adult book. It's funny and kind of ridiculous, but it has a huge heart.

10. All of the above

You can win Christmas and give the book lover in your life all of the above. I mean, as a book lover myself I know that quality matters, but quantity is also something we appreciate. If you really want to win Christmas, listen to me and buy all of the above. I'm kidding. Sort of. Not really.

I hope this guide was useful to you in some way. *cough* number 10 is the way to go *cough*

Let me know what you get the book lovers in your life!


  1. OMG YOU LOVE BONE GAP TOO?!? *flails wildly* It's actually criminally underrated I think. I loooove that book so much!! *continues flailing forever* 😂 I also love Melina Marchetta, and Finnikin of the Rock is like one of my top favourite books...although I need to finish the trilogy. Omg I'm so bad at reading sequels it's embarrassing. And YES to Graceling! This is a fantastic list!!

    1. YES I DO!!! *flails with you* It is criminally underrated, such a shame too. Melina Marchetta can do no wrong. Kristin Cashore is releasing a new book next year and it's the best news I've gotten recently. Glad you think so :)